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5 Of the Most Unique Restaurants to Visit in Orlando

While Orlando and its many theme parks can keep the kids occupied during the day, what can you do to make sure all the family are thoroughly entertained during the evening? Here is a guide to the most unique and entertaining eateries in the Orlando, Florida area.

Arabian Nights

Just outside Orlando, in Kissimmee, is the amazing Arabian Nights restaurant and show. This restaurant epitomises the dinner with a view, as guests are invited to sit at any one of the seven tiers in the restaurant to watch amazing feats of horse performance. The 20,000 square foot arena makes for an incredible setting in which performers complete amazing acts of reining, dressage, driving and vaulting.

Café Tu Tu Tango

Looking more akin to an artist’s studio than a restaurant, Café Tu Tu Tango is one eclectic mix of art and amazing cuisine on International Drive. Formed by artists on their return from Barcelona, the restaurant features strong Mediterranean, Latin and American themes. There is an open kitchen so you can watch the chefs prepare your meal but the live entertainment of storey drive international drive dancers, singers and puppeteers is sure to distract.

T-REX Café

A child favourite, the T-REX Café joins the already popular restaurants of Downtown Disney and offers its guests the chance to dine alongside woolly mammoths, dinosaurs and aquariums. With options such as the Gigantosaurus Burger and Layers of Earth Lasagne, the menu is set to be just as much a hit as the newfound prehistoric company.

Pirates Dinner Adventure

Mealtimes are never boring in Orlando and no restaurant fits this bill more than the Pirates Dinner Adventure on Orlando’s Carrier Drive. With a show of swordplay, comedy and musical performance all set aboard a 46-foot galleon there is never a dull moment during a meal that offers adult, child and vegetarian options.

McDonald’s and PlayPlace

Going above and beyond any usual expectation of McDonald’s, the restaurant at Sand Lake Road features the restaurant’s largest PlayPlace, taking up a massive three storeys. With a number of special dishes that aren’t on the traditional national McDonald’s menu including pastas, pizzas and exceptional desserts, this restaurant proves to be the ultimate McDonald’s experience. There are around 100 arcade games to enjoy and it stays open 24 hours a day, every day of the year, so you will never be disappointed.

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