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Car Rental Coupons and Discounts – Find Out Where the Savvy Individual Finds Them Lurking

If you are going away on vacation or business, most likely you will need to use a rental car. But just renting a car for a few days can cost you hundreds of dollars. Where can you find the best deals? This article will help you in finding car rental coupons and discounts. Finding discounts on car rentals is easier than you may think.

First, you should search for car coupons. Initially try your newspaper, any magazines you read and yellow pages when looking for car rental coupons and discounts. Your local Sunday newspaper especially will have a great Coupons and discount codes selection of ads and coupons that are not just for retail and grocery stores! Car rentals coupons are often included. If you have no luck with your newspaper, then you should look through the yellow pages. They provide more than just important phone numbers. A lot of car hire companies have discount codes that you can quote to get so much off your first booking.

If you do not have any luck at all with car coupons, you can always call your local rental car company. Use your phone book to look through the rental car section. In some of the car hire ads, they may ask you to call for specials instead of providing car rental coupons and discounts. Call them, stick your assertive head on and haggle away. Most likely, they will want your business and will be willing to negotiate because if you are happy then you may be willing to be a customer for a long time (and it is good for you because you then qualify for their loyalty discounts).

Lastly, the Internet is a great resource when searching for deals – simply use search engines such as Google to look for your car rental coupons and discounts. Simply use the rental car company’s names or just enter car coupons or discount car rentals for example. You will either be referred to car hire companies that are offering specials, or coupon web sites. All it takes is a little fancy finger work! Also think about related markets. If you have to book a flight or hotel also, check their websites to see if they offer special rental car coupons and discounts also. You may not even have to book air or travel though; some of these will just offer you the car rental specials.

Do not get frustrated if you cannot find a deal very quickly however, just keep looking and you will find car rental coupons and discounts to suit you. You will have to put some time in and do your homework when researching for deals. Do always compare other car rental companies and do not get lazy and run with the first discount offer you come across or you could be wasting your money unnecessarily.

Finally, get ahead of the game. Start your search early and book well in advance; it is usually cheaper. Now after all that, you can just worry about what to pack!

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