December 2009 Overview

WELCOME to December 2009

Happy birthday To all you wonderful Sagittarius and Capricorn people, and Happy December to all of you who this month, will begin to AWAKEN THE DREAM within the self and ANSWER to call to action as for the last time in our lives JUPITER (faith) Neptune (vision) and Chiron (the wounded healer) come together in Aquarius for the last time on December 21.

Advent, the four-week spiritual preparation for Christmas begins this year on November 24th. This emphasis on spiritual matters is shared by nature religions in preparation for the return of the Sun at the Winter Solstice. Advent is a time to celebrate the Light in the midst of darkness. Christmas, symbolizes the return of the Light to the world, and the gift of Life.

Hanukkah (Chanukah), the Jewish Holiday of Lights is an eight-day celebration of hope and faith that begins (at sundown on December 11th through the 19th ). It is a time used to reaffirm beliefs and to be thankful for successes and achievements.

Of December’s two gemstones, turquoise is one of the first gems ever to be mined, traditionally; the turquoise is a stone of success and prosperity. An alternate birthstone for December – the zircon – In ancient times, it was said to Heal disease, and to bring sound sleep to the wearer. Colors Sacred to December are the purples and Deep blues of peace and spirit.

With December being the 12th month of a number 11 year we are in the energy of 5 which is about Change for this last month in 2009. This should come as no surprise to those of us who have watched the huge changes upon this planet during the last year. Lets use this month to make the changes for ourselves which we know we need to make.

We Begin the month with Uranus the planet of change moving direct on 12/1 in the sign of Pisces encouraging dreams and visions and that theme of change which the number 5 month seems to demand of us.

This 1st day of December also carries the energy of the first of 2 full moons this month. Today the Full moon with the moon at 10 degrees of Gemini and the sun at 10 Sagittarius, is further encouraging new ideas and a sense of freeing ourselves from the ties which have bound us too long to traditions which we personally have outgrown.

This Full moon with the sun in Sagittarius asking us to TRUST and reach farther. And the moon in Gemini saying that with new ideas, new thoughts we can accomplish anything. AND what needs to be released around these things over the next 2 weeks really sets the theme for this month.

Mars the planet of action has been in a retrograde shadow for a month or so and finally moves into RETROGRADE at 19 Leo on the 20th. Mars will not be out of this pattern and into a direct motion until March 10, 2010 and not out of the shadow until May 13, 2010. What this means is that we are looking at what actions (Mars) honor the Leo energy within us. Leo is about heart opening, connections to joy and fun, and creativity and risks and adventure and can also be a sign which since it is fixed fire can go to battle a bit more easy than some of the signs. So, over the holidays NO battles over anything that will not be important in 100 years please.

Venus the planet of love resides in the sign of Sagittarius from the 2nd to the 25th allowing us that fire energy for fun and adventure and breaking a bit more with december global holidays tradition this year. Saturn (Discipline) and the rules in Late October moved into the sign of Libra and we are all examing our relationships quite a bit this holiday season with the question of “IS this FAIR?” being asked within us. And, am I giving more than I am getting in this work, or personal relationship.

Saturn in Libra over this next 3 years is trying to get us with people who honor us and will surely tweak all of us who are co dependent into being more Independent and those who are independent into perhaps moving backwards into recognizing that being alone just might not be all that they want now.

The NEW MOON on December 16th in the sign of Truth and justice, Sagittarius brings an even more optimistic energy into our holiday season and fires us up even more. Use those 3 days before this date to set intent and work your own magic within your life as you wish into being your new year for your magical dark of the moon days. This Christmas brings fun to the foreground with so many planets and energy in FIRE which is about our passion and don’t we all need a bit more for sure?

The sun in Sagittarius is a time of great inner visions for us if we are listening to our own truths. Then on the 21st on the Winter solstice the sun will enter Capricorn and then the real building time begins and we more clearly see the next step…and.. We will have a clearer vision of what we need to be building. December is filled with sacred festivals, as many early religions celebrated the birth of the Sun: But for you how about using this time to create a new ritual or celebration of what you will manifest in 2010?

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