Do Holiday Romances Work?

When you go on holiday you tend to have a different outlook on life. Being away from the stresses and strains of everyday life leaves you feeling relaxed, both physically and mentally December Global Holidays. This is when you might consider a holiday romance, even if the thought hadn’t previously entered your mind. A situation can be thrown your way giving you the opportunity to get closer to someone you find attractive.

Initially holiday romances can seem exciting, but they also have their negative points. To you it might be a simple fling for a week or two, but to them it could mean more. It is vital that you make it clear from the start what it is you are looking for. If you simply want company for the week, tell them, ensuring they realise it ends once your holiday is over. Never imply you will meet them in the future if you have no intention of it.

A mistake people make on holiday, usually not deliberate or easily controlled, is falling for someone too quickly. Being in a beautiful location with sun, sea and sand can seem like you are in paradise and emotions can run high. If you feel you are falling for them and you know that there is little chance of seeing them again, then you have two choices.

On holiday people often act differently than being at home, especially when alcohol is involved. Being away from home without any worries in a relaxed atmosphere can put you in the mood for sleeping with someone. It is easy to feel close to someone when you are relaxed and enjoying yourself, but the situation can quickly become out of control.

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