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Get Craft Beer News and Information From the People Who Made It!

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Craft Beer Blogs is the brainchild of three Oregonians – Ryan Larimer, Greg Koch, and Travis Weisman. These bloggers combine personal musings, informed commentary, comprehensive brewing information, and artistic photography. They have created an online journal since 2005 and it has become a bit of an industry unto itself. Each month they invite readers to contribute posts and comment about their favorite craft beer brands.

The theme of each craft beer blog is based around one region or state. For example, the Michigan craft beer blog talks about the Michigan breweries. California microbreweries share information about their locations. Texas breweries talk about their home state’s massive Draught beer production.

The Michigan Beer Blog talks about Massachusetts breweries and the growing impact they are having on the overall craft beer industry in the state. The blog talks about new breweries in Massachusetts as well as the impact that the new shops are having in the state. Texas breweries also have a blog discussing their growth and opening new shops in Austin and Houston. They also talk about the impact that the Texas breweries are having on the overall industry. There are a number of other posts that discuss beer-related news. A post from April discussed the new draft regulations for Texas breweries.

The Oregon Beer Blog features posts from brewers from throughout the state. It’s no surprise that Portland and Ghent, along with other cities throughout Oregon, make up the Oregon Beer Blog. The Oregon beer blog talks about both local and seasonal beers. It touches on all kinds of different beer including India pale ales, wheat beers, lagers, and more. They also talk about why they enjoy their favorite beverage and what they plan to release in the near future.

The Connecticut Beer Blog discusses all things Connecticut from their point of view. Posts include a review of the Oktoberfest festival in Connecticut as well as an article discussing the impact of the economy on small breweries in the state. The blog discusses the events that happen in Connecticut every year as well. They also have a craft beer recipe of their favorite beers. The Connecticut Beer Blog has been running for over a decade. The craft beer recipes have been featured in other local publications such as Beer Press and Sun Journal.

Craft Beer Weekender is a weekly magazine dedicated to craft beer. The magazine features not only articles from the week, but also interviews from interviewees. This is a great way for you to get an inside look at what breweries in your area are doing. You can also find information on the different festivals and parties that are being held in your area. Many craft breweries host their own festivals throughout the year.

The Michigan Beer Blog is another blog that is focused on Michigan. The Michigan Beer Blog features all of the Michigan breweries including Muscatine River Brewing, Avery Brewing, Bell’s Brewing, Big E’s Beer Garden, Cellarmine Beer Co, Housebreaker Brew Co, The brew Pub & Refuge, New Age Brewing Co, pumpkin Beer Works, Revolution Brewing, and Specialty Brewing Co. The Michigan Beer Blog is one of the most comprehensive and easiest sources for up-to-date news on Michigan breweries. It is also a great place for you to meet fellow drinkers and create lasting connections.

You can visit any of the above sites or several of them if you want to be sure you’re always getting the latest information on craft beer. As with many other hobbies, updates and tips can be found on the Internet. You may also find posts that give you more detailed information. You can check them out, but the best place to get information on craft beer from the people who actually make it is found in the magazines and newspapers that feature this specialty within the industry. Whether you’re a beer drinker, a new craft beer lover, or simply someone who enjoys reading a good craft beer blog, you’ll be happy to know you can find it anywhere.

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