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How to Create Website Credibility

Online marketing is not only about getting high Search engine rankings but a lot more than that. Usually there is a misconception that by getting high ranks in the SERPs, websites can generate good amount of leads and business. Creating a website that does not convert is wastage of opportunity. Rankings without trust have little value. It is hard to sell to somebody unless they trust you. Effective long term SEO and Internet Marketing requires building user TRUST, which makes your rankings more stable and increases your visitor value.

Apart from high rankings, there are various other vital factors which decide the fate of your online business. To make a profitable website it is desirable to have:

1. A great domain name
2. A reliable host
3. An appealing and unique website design
4. An easily usable website
5. Great copywriting
6. Great online brand to enhance market awareness and product feedback

Along with the factors listed above, there are certain other areas which you need to focus to create credibility for your websites. These are:

Long-Term Strategy

Don’t be in a hurry to set up your online business. Always do the research before proceeding to avoid the pitfalls. Think in long term perspective and create something that is exceptionally useful. This ensures a good success rate for your Internet business.

Identify Your Niche

Web is an ocean of resources and information. Each page of any website already has billions of alternatives on the NET. Each page is important. The most important thing to do is focus on a specific niche-something you are truly interested in.

Be Useful and Add Value

One of the success factors for any website is syndication. There are several ways that help your website to get syndicated, but the most simple and useful method is to be the most useful site in your niche.

Be Trustworthy

There are many things like a privacy policy or a physical address that are looked by webmasters, site users, directory editors, and search engines as signs of quality. Be trustworthy, since the users are reaching you through your website which is your business card and the foundation of your relationship with your visitor. Publish your physical address and phone number prominently.

Online Reputation Management

A tarnished reputation leads to lost business, lost respect and lost opportunities. This may happen for reasons that may not even be true or valid! Online Reputation Management helps to create or regain a company’s or individual’s reputations on the Internet.

Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth publicity is perhaps the least expensive and most effective form of advertising. It is most potential way to affect a product or service’s market strength and can make or break, respectively, a product’s and service’s market equity. Trust is driven through word of mouth marketing.

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