How to Feed Your Tropical Fish

Feed your fish twice a day with floating food. I recommend you feed your fish products such as the ones listed above. Start by feeding your fish a very small pinch of food. Carefully watch them eat. If they eat it all quickly, then give them another small pinch. Feeding your fish slowly in small amounts will give you a chance to watch them and make sure they are all eating.

Keep giving them small pinches as long as they eat all of it quickly. Feed them as much as they’ll eat without leaving any uneaten food.

Food that sinks to the bottom and is not eaten will cause water pollution, so be sure all the food is eaten. Use your net to remove the food that is not eaten after ten minutes. It’s fun to feed smaller fish a few of Freeze Dried Blood Worms for dessert.

Other Foods. It’s good for most fish to eat some frozen or live brine shrimp and a few live Black Worms We try to alternate feeding live or frozen brine shrimp with Live Black Worms. One day most fish get brine shrimp, and the next day they get Live Black Worms. Click here to read more about Live Black Worms.

Do Your Fish Need to Eat Everyday? No they don’t, but don’t abuse them! Most fish that you can buy from this web site or elsewhere are very young, and like all young animals, they need food at least twice a day, every day. Make a commitment to take the time to feed your fish carefully twice every day.

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