Is Google Wallet Better Than Amazon Wallet?

With rapid and all around advancements in technology, now it is no longer required for you to carry your cash with you. When you already have your Android Smartphone or your iPhone, you have more than enough ways to spend your loyalty cards and other credits using the digital wallet. The thing to realize here is that you do have options like Google Wallet and Amazon Wallet. However, choosing one over another would require you to know about how one is better than another.

Through this article, you will be able to know which one suits you best and make the right choice for yourself.

How the Wallet works?

The aim of a digital wallet is to render the physical wallet obsolete. Google Wallet is one such app that helps you by connecting your bank account or your card with the app. This app can then be used for purchases made at retail stores. The payments are transferred using NFC technology that only requires touching the device at the payment terminal.

If you are using Amazon Wallet then you will be able to add your loyalty and gift cards.

Amazon Wallet

If you are thinking about using Amazon Wallet then there are a few things that you need to know. This app enables you in adding loyalty and gift cards that can be added by scanning the card’s barcode or entering the account number. If you want it to be simpler than this then you can even click photo of both the sides of a card. This will help you maintain a digital copy and even serve the purpose of a visual reference. In any case, you will be free of the obligation of carrying a plastic card with you.

When you want to redeem your card then all you need to do is use the QR or the barcode that will be scanned at the end of the retainer against the order placed. However, you only need to remember to go to a store that has the utility of using this technology. Another way can be using your phone number for making transactions that would help you redeem your loyalty card. However, again if you have a scanned copy of your card then it makes it convenient to use as often you might require an account number.

The most notable thing about Amazon wallet is that it is integrated into Fire Phone. The feature of Magic Window is used for scanning and arranging cards in carousel. All your frequently used cards will be easily accessible by this arrangement. You can even view your wallet on web accessing:, where you will find all the cards that you have added along with your credit and debit cards. These all are stored in Amazon. For those thinking about purchasing the Fire Phone by Amazon can go ahead with the decision, as they will be able to utilize the feature of Amazon Wallet to their benefit.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet offers you more than the obvious service of mobile payments. It gives you the ability to add club balances, loyalty cards and even money transfer. This does seem to give you all solutions under one roof. Another Masa Gift interesting thing to notice is that you will be delighted by the tap-to-pay facility. The only thing that would irk you is that it will be hard for you to find a retailer who will support NFC payment. Without this technology, you will not be able to use this app.

Security Features

The utmost important thing is that of security features that will help a user maintain privacy. While Amazon gives you a PIN of four digits that acts as a security feature for a user, this number will lock you out of chosen cards. Google Wallet offers you PIN adjustment that is used to access this app, after a gap of 15 minutes you will need to use it again. However, you can change the timeline to a day or even disable it if you want to.

Looking at what both the wallets have to offer you can choose for yourself what you would like to have. Both have their own advantages but in the end, it is up to your own convenience level.

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