Loopz: The Game of Memory and Skill

If you find that you’ve got nothing to do and you’re bored out of your mind, why not challenge yourself to a game of Loopz. This game is one of skill and memory. While there are many games that challenge the body and there are many games that are just time wasters, but this game gets people thinking. A little brain stimulation is always good and with this game you can keep yourself challenged and on your toes.

The Loopz game comes with a myriad of features. Firstly, there will be no need for you to push buttons to turn this toy on. If you’re going to play a nice game F95zone of skill and memory, you only have to position your hands in the semicircle loops on the toy and you’re ready to play. You have seven game modes to choose from with this type of game and you only have to mimic the patterns as they’re shown to you by the device.

If you are alert enough, you can have victory in this game. Remember, you are only allowed three mistakes. This fun game can be played alone or with family and friends. It is designed to keep people ages 7 and up entertained.

Of the seven games you can choose from to play in Loopz the reflex master and the repeat the beat games are the best. For the reflex master game, you are given 30 seconds to touch as many of the flashing parts of the Loopz as you can. The goal is to touch the area as it lights up. If the light goes out, you lose.

With so much speed, you can get enough exercise from playing this reflex master game and you also give your reflexes a good workout. For the repeat the beat game, you are challenged with simple beats. The toy will have lights flashing in any of the four parts and you need to have your hand in the right loop. This is great for children to improve their thinking and coordination skills. The longer you play the faster the game gets.

Most people who have purchased this game are really happy that they did. Get the music going and the exercising going. With the Loopz game, you can also get your brain going and your reflexes going. There are only a few games that combine the brain, body, and the family. Loopz is definitely a game that can be played at the table with the family.

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