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Official Justin Bieber Shirts That Are A Must Have

Any Justin Bieber fan must have at least one official shirt. For $25 you can buy your own official shirt. For example I have found a nice sepia photo shirt. The actual shirt is black and has a sepia photo of Justin on it. It also has its name with pink and blue letters. The shirt is available in 4 sizes, the smallest one is X-Small and the largest one is XX-Large. If you want a fun shirt, you can have a look at the Graffiti shirt. It is available in white and black, but both types have a graffiti design, formed by 4 pictures of Justin’s name, in purple, yellow, pink and blue. The normal size costs $25, but if you buy the XX-large size you will have to pay at least $30.

The gold logo shirt is loved by fans because it has a classic look. The advantage of buying this shirt is that you can choose your shirt size from 6 available sizes. The actual Pink Kawaii sweater shirt is black and in the front of the shirt there is a picture of Mr. Bieber, taken while he is sitting on the sidewalk. Underneath the picture is a name, or his logo, written in golden letters.

Official long sleeve shirts are also available. The “Justin Bieber Me and You Long Sleeve Girls Pink Shirt” can be found online for sale at a price of $20 (reduced from $30). It is available only in X-Large size. The actual shirt is pink, so this is a shirt for girls. In the front of the shirt it has a “Me + You” message, written in a darker shade of pink. Underneath the message there is his official logo, also written in the same darker shade of pink.

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