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Taking Care Of Your Human Hair Wigs And Lace Front Wigs

The biggest difference between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs is usually in the fibre. Synthetic wigs tend to be more durable and less likely to break than human hair wigs. A synthetic wig will often be better at retaining its shape after styling, especially after washing. Human hair wigs are typically made from real human hair, so even when washed they still look and feel real. Another difference between these two types of wigs are the methods in which they are packed. Most human hair wigs are packed in small plastic packages, whereas synthetic wigs are either packed in large cardboard boxes, or in mesh or lace packaging.

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These differences in packaging means one thing when it comes to quality; quality comes with a price tag. In addition to the cost of the human hair wigs themselves, you will also need to pay a price for the packaging and the items it contains. Some of the best brands on the market such as BeautyForever and Instant Hair Straighteners provide great value for money as they give you everything you could possibly need in a quality, durable and long lasting product. Each of the products in this range come with a natural density that is as close to your natural appearance as possible, so you won’t have to worry about them looking artificial or cheap.

If you do go for some of the cheaper synthetic wigs then you may well find that the cut and style of the wig is far from perfect, and the colours might not match your natural hair colour at all. Even the ‘fake’ hair brushes and combs used to style these wigs are designed to replicate the texture and thickness of natural human hair with extreme precision. To top this off many of the ‘plastic’ wigs on the market are designed to be worn, and look great, in a matter of hours, making them highly competitive for those who want to wear wigs at short notice. On the other hand, if you choose to go for the real human hair wigs, then you will have to invest in a lot more time and effort in order to achieve the look you desire.

The first step when it comes to maintaining your synthetic wigs is to ensure you take proper care of your human hair wigs. You must take great care when styling the products, using heating tools or hot air dryers and you should never let any water or soap fall onto your wig as this can cause damage to the fibre. If you follow these basic steps you will have a minimal risk of damage taking place, however if you want to try out a longer wearing wig or wish to change the colour or style, then you will have to take more care of it. First things first, you should always ensure that you wash your hair every single day with a mild shampoo that does not contain any hazardous ingredients. This will allow your hair to remain clean, healthy and looking its best, especially when compared to the harsh shampoos and conditioners available on the market. You should then use a good quality conditioner on a regular basis, which will help to strengthen the fibres and keep them supple.

When it comes to washing your synthetic wig you will have two options, either leave it in the machine or use a brush in order to remove the tangles. Although a brush is usually better suited to your human hair wigs, it is important to keep in mind that real human hair wigs are all cut differently, so by brushing it you can damage the overall style. If you do decide to use a brush you should only use a soft bristle which is designed for use with human hair. You should also make sure that you run the brush through a number of different stages in order to prevent it from damaging your wig.

You may also find that your real hair wig starts to become greasy after you wash it. This is nothing to worry about as it is normal for your natural hair to become damp after being washed. However, if you are suffering from a greasy scalp then you will need to apply conditioner regularly, using a moisturizing shampoo. If you have curly wigs, then this is even more important as the constant styling of curly wigs can lead to build up which can block your follicles and ruin your natural hair.

Due to the fact that synthetic wigs are not able to provide the protection, style and heat protection that natural hair wigs are able to, it is extremely important that you regularly wash them in order to prevent build up. You should also make it a point to stop using styling tools such as rollers, flat irons and blow dryers near your human hair wigs. These products are known to cause damage to your wigs, so you should also avoid touching them with your fingers. Doing so can cause the glue used in the case of cheap wigs to come off, leaving your wig unprotected.

Another way to keep your human hair wigs look their best is to treat them with care and to avoid washing them every single day. Although this sounds incredibly lazy and self-defeating, it is actually very easy to do. Simply wash them inside out, using a mild shampoo, and do not rub the shampoo into your scalp. This will force the shampoo and conditioner to work harder, and the result can be that your wig starts to look matted and full of frizz. By giving your hair the space it needs to recover from washing, you will not only prolong the life of your human hair wigs, but you will also find it much easier to get them back to looking their best after you wash them.

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