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The real value of setting Goals

What is the true importance in setting objectives?

I am adamant about the ability of setting goals to get the results you desire to see within your own life. My convictions have been strengthened through seeing goals come to life in the lives of my clients as well as in the lives of my family and also in my own personal life. The great thing about making goals is you’re not too old nor young to begin the process and gain from the results.

Although I have used coaching in my own family with care however, I do have a couple of tales from my family members that serve as constant reminders about the power of goal-setting. My left-handed, 11-year-old son, who struggled in handwriting speed throughout his education was set a target to “More than double my hand writing speed”. With this goal in his mind, he instantly was compelled to use an “d-i-y” hand writing programme. He wrote the program by himself, with no to no reminders from me. His handwriting speed increased and the desired result was accomplished.

For more than 67 years or for as long as she could hold crayons my mother’s grandmother my mother, was an artist as a pastime. She was at a point in which she didn’t get many benefits from her work. I led her through a goal-setting session on her art, and she formulated the goals she was looking to achieve becoming an Artist of excellence. She realized that she wasn’t doing enough work with her work, and she became extremely focused and motivated. In the age of 68 she applied to complete an BA Honours Degree Course. She was awarded awards for her artwork. In both instances it was the achievement of their own objectives that led to the outcomes.

Goals can be used at the present to drastically alter the result. Today, I played a one-set tennis match. I was struggling I was losing by 5-2 and 40 loves down. In no time, I was enthralled by the thought of winning from this location. “Winning from 5-2, and 40 love down” was the focus of the day that really enthused me. I shared my goals against my rival. My game was transformed beyond recognition, Learn more about my success here. I was more focused, and determined, while also being relaxed. I began to really enjoy playing. Instead of losing several games I was playing for love I started winning the games that I enjoy. I was able and won 7-6.

Jon Covey tells his readers to “start with the end in mind” and when we set a goal, we’re doing exactly this.

What’s the reason behind setting objectives?

A lot of people live their lives as if they were rudderless vessels lacking clear direction and are essentially at risk of wind and storms through the waters of life. A lack of direction may result in feelings of anxiety and stress, low concentration levels, a lack of self-confidence, as well as living from a position that is reactive, rather than proactive. And, not only that, people who don’t have goals typically aren’t able to find the motivation, determination or tenacity.

If you achieve the goal you set, you’ll have the opportunity to congratulate your self on the back. Even if you fail to meet exactly what you wanted to accomplish it is likely that there will be many successes and learnings during the course of your journey which you are able to praise yourself for. All of this can help boost self-esteem.

If you are serious about sports and who manage an enterprise or hold an executive position in a company setting goals is the key to be successful. However, the fact that not all people do it. It might take a discussion with a coach or business advisor , to inspire them to think in this direction.

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