Wellness Blogging to Inspire Healthy Behavior

The competition for your participants’ time and attention has never been greater. You’ve done the table tents, the lunch ‘n learns, and maybe even an online wellness campaign. Are you ready to take your message to the masses in a way that can capture even more eyeballs?

Start a blog — and join the millions of people and businesses who have entered the blogosphere. What began as a way to maintain an online personal journal has become a wildly popular way for the like-minded to gather, families to connect, and businesses to reach a wider audience. According to the Pew Internet Study, data from July 2008 showed that 33% of US adults read blogs regularly, while 11% read blogs daily.

What could a health promotion blog do for your population? As long as your content is crisp, fresh, and engaging — and updated regularly — readers will come back for more. Your wellness campaigns will stay in front of them, and you can drive home behavior change messages disguised as entertaining blog posts. Here’s how

Being able to blog about the news as it happens excites bloggers to no end. The technology has them all giddy about the concept. Blogs being on the internet makes it possible to bring the news more current than the old traditional ways of written word like the newspaper and in some cases TV capsdoc.com. Now as always you will have people agreeing and disagreeing that this is a good thing.

One of these cases where the news appeared on a blog before the other media was in July of 2005 when London was struck by terrorism. There were several people evacuated from a subway car near an explosion and a man with his cell phone was taking photos and they were posted online shortly after. Details of the disaster began showing up on the internet in blogs and people across the globe was able to read and see what had happened that day in London on these blogs.

Some people think that it is more personal to them when the story comes to them through the eyes of the blogger. To them this has the makings of a new next step in reporting the news. Many of the new bloggers today who are the crusaders of this movement towards this new way of getting the news out there sort of speak feels like this is the right thing to do. They believe that the news should be free to report by the people that see it.

Nowadays, having a blog is very commonplace. Gone are the days where in you write your thoughts on a notebook and no one can see it. Blogging is now the way to go to have these thoughts be known and made public. Blogs are also used to promote a website and it’s users are increasing gradually because of its’ attributes: blogs are cost effective, user friendly and can be maintained and updated easily.

Again, a blog is basically a diary that can be viewed in the World Wide Web and may be considered as your personal website. The contents that will be put there are up to you. From texts to photos to templates to designs to privacy settings. The good thing about blogs is that you have control over which content is going to be published and who are the only one who can view them. So it is like a diary made online but still, you have the privacy you covet which is inherent in a regular, traditional diary.

So what is an RSS feed? RSS stands for really simple indication. An RSS reader will enable you to get automatic download different stuff to your desktop: from stories to news to blog feeds. In an SEO effort, the masses will be able to read your information once your blog postings are released and have subscribers. So it is a must that you only post blogs that are interesting and stimulating information.

There are so many advantages in having a blog. Aside from being user friendly and uncomplicated, they are mostly top ranked compared to website on particular common searched terms or keywords. And this is solely done by having a blog and does not require the demands of maintaining a full working website. Promoting your blog is done in an expensive manner. Maintenance and making updates for your blog is relatively easier. One does not need to be a computer wizard and have the technical knowledge of having a web page to maintain one. It is like as easy as updating maintaining your social networking profile. Texts and photos are easily uploaded with just a few clicks. In an SEO effort, blogs are very cost effective, would not require much time to maintain and upfront.

By having fresh contents in your blog, you can lure in new visitors every day. Links are also encouraged to put on your blog so you can make it more attractive in an SEO effort. With this, your blogs can be seen in different web pages or blogs without spending a cent. By just having continuous fresh and interesting blog postings, you can make a huge difference.

Blogs are used for different purposes. It can solely be used for personal use; as a venue for your personal rants and where in you can post your most recent pictures. Blogging is trendy as it perfectly captures today’s generation with news about someone or something being posted in quick succession depending on their interest on the subject. News travel fast online and even major newspapers and news shows have their own blogs online.

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