Worldwide Freight Forwarders

“Worldwide Freight Forwarders Incorporated” WWF is a U.S. based freight forwarding company whose main focus is providing comprehensive and cost-effective services to clients worldwide without containing personal service. WWL has global offices across the world, with major offices in China, India, Mexico, Russia, and the Philippines. Our staff are highly experienced and well-verse in the shipping industry and offer clients sophisticated and integrated shipping solutions. Services are our main thrust and personalized service is our priority.

Worldwide freight forwarders

We specialize in worldwide freight forwarders’ services. All our shipments go through state-of-the-art tracking facilities to ensure that shipments reach their destinations safely. In addition, our advanced warehousing and logistics capabilities enable us to provide fast and reliable service. In order to Worldwide freight forwarders achieve maximum client satisfaction, we take utmost care in our selection of carrier, warehouse, and shipment terminal companies.

Worldwide freight forwarding involves various processes like customs & Border Protection; hazardous materials; hazardous & spam goods; computer age; electronic mail forwarding & packaging; carbon emissions trading; and freight forwarding. Each one of these processes is unique and requires expert expertise. Thus, it’s imperative for a worldwide freight forwarder to have extensive knowledge in each one of them. This helps avoid delays and overall costs involved in international shipment. Our experienced freight forwarding professionals are adept at analyzing each shipment in its own unique way and recommend the most appropriate freight forwarding options. We strive to maintain excellent customer relationships by continuously improving our delivery system, infrastructure, and by constantly evaluating new technology.

Each of the above mentioned aspects requires constant improvement. Therefore, it’s very important for Worldwide freight forwarders to adopt an integrated approach. We use these three tools-customer portals, CRM, and intelligent transportation facilities-to deliver our services. With these tools, we are able to improve our services and streamline our operations. We also continuously look for ways to expand our services.

Customer portal: The customer portal is the gateway to our services. It gives freight forwarders quick access to vital information about our products, pricing, and service terms and conditions. It keeps you updated with all the changes happening in your industry and ensures that you are aware of all the emerging trends in the global marketplace.

Computerized cargo forwarding software: One of the most useful aspects of this forwarding industry is the computerized freight forwarding software. Today, many of our clients require us to operate their accounts and shipment processes using this software. It helps freight forwarding companies manage their clients, shipments, accounts, and facilities more effectively. These programs make managing our business much easier by allowing us to properly track our sales, receivables, and assets. Furthermore, they help us manage our clients more effectively by giving them access to important information like addresses and contact numbers.

Intelligent transportation facilities: Another important factor in the development of the Worldwide freight forwarding industry is the increased use of nocks or remotely piloted vehicles. These vehicles can locate loads quickly and easily, as well as adjust their position to avoid hitting obstacles or bad weather conditions. This reduces the time needed to load a load and increase our chances of getting customers on time. Nvoccs also reduce the risks involved in transporting goods by human drivers, improving customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Using special maps, the GPS enabled nvocc devices can locate shipments and send alerts or notifications to our fleet managers. In the same way, the trucks used by regular bearer services can be programmed to accept or reject shipments, based on certain criteria such as weight, size, and type. Since the Worldwide freight forwarders are always operating in areas experiencing high seasonal traffic, they have a better understanding of the best times of day to make deliveries compared to the carriers operating in regions with less traffic. Furthermore, because regular carriers normally carry goods that are not being shipped to the areas where the customers live or work, many of the shipments made by the normal bearer service may not be covered by insurance.

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