New Orleans Reborn — The 08 NBA All-Star Game

The 08 all-star weekend held in New Orleans just lately is one of the most important events this town has held as it is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, event that was held there since the town was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The spectacle’s success was remarkable, letting tourists know that New Orleans has been reborn.

The celebrations started with the Fresh haier led tv 43 inch Challenge, sponsored by T-Mobile. The game featured fancy passes, spectacular dunks, and fitness feats that the younger generation boasts. But among these great plays, one Daniel “Boobie” Gibson from the Cleveland Cavaliers, regarding his lethal three-point accuracy, endured tall among other rookies and sophomores. He led the sophomores to glory with thirty-three points, all of them coming from beyond the arc.

In the morning, the all-star weekend continued, and the 08 Haier Shooting Stars started the night off, and what a way to do so, as the San Antonio team, consisting of Spurs forward Bob Duncan, Silver Stars guard Becky Hammond, and NBA Legend David Velupe, transformed the odds and won case, despite it being an event that needs good shooting from the perimeter (both Duncan and Velupe were known for their inside presence).

The Ps3 Skills Challenge was the second event of the night, and continued the stringed of upsets, as Miami Heat star Dwayne Wade, the event’s 2-time shielding champion, bowed out of the competition early on, leaving Utah Jazz guard Deron Williams and New Orleans’ own Joe John fighting for the champion. Even though the crowd was clearly behind the hometown boy, and John being the better man stats-wise, that didn’t stop the Jazz guard from having a date with future, as he defeated John in the finals, beating the record for the fastest time lapsed in the event while doing so.

But just when people thought this would be a night of upsets, the Foot Locker 3-point shootout featured Toronto Raptors present shooter Jer Kapono’s dominance in the event. He breezed through the eliminations, leading the competitors with 20 points, next to both Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki and Daniel Gibson’s teen. Nowitzki surprisingly faltered in the final round, and while Gibson managed to get a decent score, both were humbled by Kapono’s amazing shooting skills, and the champion successfully defended his title with a score of 25, tying the all-time record for the most points in a three-point shootout event that was held by Chicago’s Craig Hodges.

Ending the night was the Sprite Slam Dunk Tournament that featured Toronto fresh Jamario Silent celestial body, Memphis sophomore Rudy Lgbt, 7-foot-tall Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard and Shielding Champion Gerald Green of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Despite being the tallest of all the competitors, Howard showed tremendous moving ability, how the announcers mentioned all the time that the NBA hasn’t seen anyone so tall with the high moving ability like Howard possesses. After he successfully nailed an astonishing left-handed tomahawk follow-up dunk which sounds not hard in writing, but the thing is he bounced it off the backboard, and by back I meant the trunk of the backboard; everybody was already guessing a win for Howard, and they’re right. And while his first dunk raised the roof of the joint, the second and third ones blew it away. No doubt that she was the clear-cut champion of one of the best slam dunk events of all time.

The last night of the weekend featured the main attraction, the 08 NBA All-star game, featuring the leagues brightest stars today, showcasing their amazing talents; and it showed during the first 3 groups of the game, including Howard and Cavaliers star LeBron James sharing eye-popping alley-oop passes together. But in the final 10 minutes of the game, the competition got more rigid, and the heat was on. The East led throughout the game, but the Western side clawed their made use of. But the Western side chop down short when James had home with a jam over Nowitzki that not only came tremendous applause from fans, players and coaches alike, but also served as the nail in the coffin for the game. And it’s really just fitting that with the East’s glory over the Western side, the Cavs’ forward received the award as All-Star MVP, showing everyone that she was the star among stars that night.

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